Getting the Evoz premium services

1. How do I get the Evoz premium parenting services?
Evoz services are available:
  • With the purchase of the WeMo Baby Monitor (See Below)
  • By downloading the Evoz baby monitoring app only solution (See Below)
  • Coming soon: Advanced video baby monitor solutions
  • Coming soon: The Evoz-Sleep Lady easy bedtime application
2. Where can I purchase the WeMo Baby Monitor?

WeMo Baby monitor is available in major retail stores in the United States including: Walmart & Apple retail

Online sales can be made on Amazon: amazon

WeMo Baby is scheduled to be sold worldwide in early 2013.

3. What if I don’t have a WeMo Baby Monitor?

You can still get Evoz services with our app only solution. Try it free by downloading the ios application to 2 devices.

Like any other baby monitoring system, you need one device for the baby’s room and one for you, the parent. evoz allows you to use a spare Apple iOS device for the baby’s room, such as a 3rd or 4th generation iPod Touch, any iPad or any iPhone. If you use any of these Apple devices, all you need is WiFi access in the baby’s room – no data plans.

Download the Evo app: download

4. What to stay informed about future services or product launches?
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